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Some songs we recorded before tour.


released August 13, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Ben Curttright in May 2015 at his parents' house and in Alex's basement.

Alex Brown played guitar.
Andrea Villanueva played trumpet.
Clayton Annan played drums.
Ben Curttright played guitar and bass and piano and sang.
John Paul Joyce had work but was there in spirit.



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Track Name: Seeing her name pop up on my phone again after a few weeks' silence
'They asked if I was married,' she said with a laugh over a scratchy Internet phone call from France, describing her young students (she's teaching English in Montpelier) and how, she said, 'They're fucked up like me.' It was the first time we'd spoken in weeks, since I sent a letter to her co-op apartment in the city centre, where her new boyfriend (or maybe) is staying next weekend, using too many stamps so I'd be sure that it got there (three forty-five cent stamps above her name and new address, each one a little American flag waving in parallel, a bit of insurance for what I can't quite deny was a love letter sent two and a half years too late to have any relevant influence on how we feel, or don't, about each other).
Track Name: Seeing the Lincoln sky turn black on my last day of college
By the time I walked out into Colin's backyard, despite an ominous forecast, it was probably the clearest night of the week, the sky glowing in shades of indigo I'd never seen. I couldn't help but think of how we used to talk about driving out to the countryside and spending the night watching the summer constellations. An opportunity wasted, or just a narrative end to something that can never quite be over? Transient songs about leaving and feeling desperate for moving, but the words are unchanging and you are unchanging and I am unchanging.
Track Name: Seeing her cry in the living room for the third time in as many nights
And I know it won't mean much coming from a broken brother, and when you say there's nothing I can do, you mean it, but I keep asking; you know these things run in families: Grandpa Jerry was broken, too, and Dad hasn't felt anything since the eighties. So, Allie, please believe me when I say that I love you; please believe me when I say that you are loved.