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released July 11, 2014

Ben Curttright played guitar, bass, and sang.
Nate Van Fleet played drums.

Recorded by Ben Curttright at Nate's house and Ben's parents' house and in Ben's apartment.



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Track Name: The distance between cities is greater in the Midwest
I know that the space between us is just a part of who we are as people, but every time you fail to come back, you get a little bit farther in the abstract. The closeness is intimidating, but I guess I don't need that much space. I am not a mountain; neither am I beholden to flat ground. How could I not feel small next to you? You're a galaxy, you know. You could swallow me whole.
Track Name: Sudden fictions; the nights we spent together and the nights we didn't
The city seemed brighter, and I don't think it was a lie, but I guess a lot has changed since 1957. We met in the park where Ginsberg used to write. I asked if you felt inspired before we got separated. Twenty-eight days seemed like a lifetime before I left, but now that I'm here, everything's going faster than I can even comprehend, and I guess it's naïve, but I don't want either of us to leave the other behind, so let's burn like Roman candles through the night, as long as you light up first, or my lack of trust will do us in. We'll be poised waiting until I finally realise that you won't save me and that everywhere's the same.
Track Name: Empathy song
I'm losing sleep. I'm losing empathy. There must have been a time when I could understand where you're coming from, but now this cup is empty, and I'm not as kind as I used to be.
Track Name: The blah blah blahs [TBLA]
Night slows me down and puts me off, totter-scatter-blabbering. Sort of funny that you would make a stop-action short, because I sort of pretend that I'm next to your progressing form as you move from shot to shot. I mean, I'm next to you on the streets of a city that I never really thought I'd move in to, that I never even really saw myself moving in. But now, I'm in the way of this other me that's just trying to say, 'Sort of funny that you're moving on along these streets you happen to now live on.' It's these ideas that waste all my time. Okay, so honesty didn't do anything for me once again, but it did the night that I said to Rob that I could not keep my opinions to myself for any longer, but that could've just been another one of my blah blah blahs.